NOTWP 003 Better Than Forgiving Yourself

In this episode of Not Of This World Christain Podcast, I introduce my co-host Ryan and we talk about forgiving yourself. We discuss why it is impossible to forgive yourself and the unforeseen negative consequences of trying to. And more importantly, we talk about something much better than trying to forgive yourself. If you or someone you know struggles with guilt or condemnation this episode will be a real eye opener.

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NOTWP 002: Why does God judge us for the evil He allows?

In this special Not Of This World Christian Podcast, I answer two listener questions about Why God allows evil and how to love difficult people in your life.

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NOTWP 001: Take Control Of Your Identity Cycle

The identity cycle is responsible for how you see yourself, but often we are unaware of the identity cycle or how to make it work to our advantage. In this episode, you’ll learn how to take control of your identity cycle and how to start seeing yourself the way God sees you.

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