The Warfare of Worship (feat. Michael Lacey): Episode 48

Worship is a form of spiritual warfare. There are 3 things you need to use worship to fight against and one thing you need to fight with. Discover what those things are in this interview with author Michael Lacey.

New Nature: Episode 47

There’s one piece in your Christian walk that will change EVERYTHING for you, and that’s understanding and living out of your new nature. This episode is a teaching clip that Scott recently did.

How To Get More Out Of Your Schedule: Episode 46

Learn what the Bible teaches about how you should be scheduling your day/week. If you start applying this concept, you’ll experience┬ámore fulfillment in life.

Get More Romance In Your Life: Episode 45

There is a simple but powerful thing you can do in all your relationships to get more romance in your life. Scott, Dina, and Ryan discuss in this week’s episode.