From Surviving To Thriving In Life: Episode 25

How to go from a life where you’re just surviving to a life where you’re thriving? In this episode, Scott and Dina share the three things that will cause your life to really thrive.

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Show Notes

Scott and Dina explore the three important areas we must consider to move from a life of just surviving to truly thriving.

First, we must choose whether we are going to live our lives by design or by default. Default is the way of the world and is reactionary, whereas living a life by design is a conscious decision and is proactive. Default is living as others tell us or because it’s how everyone else does it. Living by design means choosing our life and it requires sacrifice. A life by default requires sacrifice too, but it comes later on, and is imposed rather than chosen. A classic example of default is pursuit of career and material things at the expense of relationships. A life by design begins by determining/agreeing upon what’s important and then being true to those values. This requires focus and discipline but the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices.

Once we have determined the design of our lives, it’s time to get training from others who know more than us. At the same time we need to unlearn the paradigms that are undermining us and keeping us from succeeding in life. We all have them as a product of our past experiences and they are what stand in the way of living the life we want. It is here that outside counsel is so critical; not from a peer but from someone with more life experience. We are too close to the issues that hinder us to be able to see them objectively and resolve them without help. The #1 secret of highly successful people is that they seek out others to coach and mentor them. This is a universally accepted strategy that is also a biblical truth. In every aspect of life we have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others and to integrate into our lives those qualities we most admire. The kind of training we need is determined by our chosen design.

The last topic, one that Scott calls a “cold, hard truth,” is this: “If you want a different outcome in life, you need to begin to make different choices.” A life lived by default is characterized by just surviving, hoping for our circumstances to change, or for God to do something, or for some other force to make a difference in our lives. We see ourselves as victims, and we blame our unhappiness on our spouses, parents, children, bosses, jobs, roommates, etc. It’s not their fault. “The only person responsible for you not thriving is you!” This is where choosing a design for your life changes everything. Once you’ve identified what’s important to you, then it’s time to equip yourself for success through training and mentoring. These are the first steps to fulfilling a God-sized purpose in your life. Will it be easy? No. Will there be setbacks and disappointments? Yes. Is it the only way to change your life from just surviving to truly thriving? Absolutely!

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3 thoughts on “From Surviving To Thriving In Life: Episode 25”

  1. WOW!!! Just listened to your podcast “From Surviving to Thriving” and your comments are such excellent advice on how to thrive, clear and timely, given with such inspired heart! I can so relate to what you are saying – yet feel God leading me to a different path, yes I have been living like I yes I need to make different choices, yes I feel the fear of something new am the victim of my job and by default rather than design. I will be working with a Christian career counselor once I finish grad school April 1 and ready to move ahead. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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