Kicking The Funk To The Curb: Episode 56

What are you supposed to do when life has you in a funk and you can’t seem to get out? In this episode, Scott shares how he recently got out of a personal funk and how you can use the same strategy to do the same.

What’s Your Happiness Equation? Episode 49

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of things in this world that can get you down. From seeing the highlights of other people’s lives of Facebook to not having what you need to get by. But there’s one thing that can instantly bring more happiness into your life – understanding your happiness equation.


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From Hurting to Healer With Michelle Madrid-Branch: Episode 44

Discover how to go from rejection and deep wounds to healing and acceptance with Michelle Madrid-Branch. If you or anyone you know has suffered any type of rejection or trauma as a child, you need to listen to this interview!

Christmas Sucks: Episode 15

For many, the holiday season can be extremely depressing. But there is hope and in this episode, Scott gets super vulnerable about his depression around the holidays and gives some hope for those that can relate.

This episode is a ‘must listen’ for anyone who struggles through the holidays.

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