How To Get The Life You Really Want: Episode 58

How do you close the gap between the life that you have and the life that you want? The answer is surprisingly simple and you can begin to move closer to the life you want today!

What’s Your Happiness Equation? Episode 49

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of things in this world that can get you down. From seeing the highlights of other people’s lives of Facebook to not having what you need to get by. But there’s one thing that can instantly bring more happiness into your life – understanding your happiness equation.


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How To Get More Out Of Your Schedule: Episode 46

Learn what the Bible teaches about how you should be scheduling your day/week. If you start applying this concept, you’ll experience more fulfillment in life.

How To Get Your Prayers Answered: Episode 38

Want God to answer your prayers? In this episode, Scott and Dina talk about the three things you can do in order to get your prayers answered!

Show Notes

Scott and Dina discuss three aspects of effective prayer which are important when we are seeking God’s favor in our lives or in the lives of others.

The first goal is to be specific in our requests. If we are asking for financial assistance, let Him know how much money we need, when we need it, and why. If it’s healing for ourselves or others, name the afflicted person(s), and identify whether we/they need physical, spiritual or emotional healing. If physical, name the affected body part or type of disease.  If we are asking for His help with a broken relationship or wisdom in a difficult decision, share the details with Him. It’s not that He doesn’t already know, but it sets the stage for Him to act by affirming that we know, and are turning to Him in faith.

The next thing worthy of our attention is that we communicate the specifics clearly. While this may sound redundant, it’s not. Too often we clutter our prayers with “Christianese.” Sometimes this comes in the form of using our chosen name for God (ie. God, Lord, Lord God, Father, Heavenly Father, Father God, etc.) to begin and end each phrase or thought. This is not how we talk to one another, nor does it add anything to our communication with God. At other times, if at a loss for words, we mimic language we’ve heard used by preachers or teachers, or we borrow phrases we’ve heard others using in their prayers. In almost every case, if it’s not how we typically express ourselves, nothing is gained in our quest for clear communication. A good guideline is to imagine you are baring your soul to your best friend. Because you are.

Finally, one of the most powerful tools in effective prayer is to tie our requests to God’s promises. The Bible is full of His promises and wisdom, covering everything from prosperity to peace and joy, and from healing to fear and sadness. Reference to any concordance reveals there is little about the nature of man that God has not addressed in His Word. Not only is the Bible a wonderful resource for prayer language, it honors God when we come to Him using scripture that He inspired. This will also prompt us to examine the nature of our request. Is it a matter that would be appropriate to lift up to God in prayer?

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