From Hurting to Healer With Michelle Madrid-Branch: Episode 44

Discover how to go from rejection and deep wounds to healing and acceptance with Michelle Madrid-Branch. If you or anyone you know has suffered any type of rejection or trauma as a child, you need to listen to this interview!

Overcome Guilt and Self-Condemnation

Guilt, shame, and self-condemnation can be heavy burdens that many believers carry. But the good news is that with the right perspective you can experience freedom from guilt and shame! In this episode, you’ll learn powerful truths that will help you experience grace and acceptance and overcome the burden of guilt.

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Show Notes

There are two basic mindsets when approaching God: works or grace. The works mindset, when you have made a mistake, thinks: I have failed, God is disappointed, which causes feelings of guilt and shame, then you promise God that next time you’ll try harder (which never works).
The grace mindset, when you have made a mistake, thinks: I have fallen, I still have God’s unmerited favor, which causes feelings of thankfulness, then you realize that you need help (from God and others).

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