From Hurting to Healer With Michelle Madrid-Branch: Episode 44

Discover how to go from rejection and deep wounds to healing and acceptance with Michelle Madrid-Branch. If you or anyone you know has suffered any type of rejection or trauma as a child, you need to listen to this interview!

Why God Is Silent Sometimes: Episode 18

Ever feel like God is a million miles away or that your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling? Discover why God is silent and what you need to do when you feel like he’s a million miles away.

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Show Notes

There are two possible reasons that God is silent in your life. The first is sin. The second is growth.

The first step is to check your heart and repent of any sin that is going on. If you’ve already done that and God is still silent, The reason he is silent is to help you grow.

Silence, also known as the dark night of the soul, is a normal part of the ebb and flow in a believer’s life. It’s how God does deep work in our heart. He uses it to deal with our deep motivations and desires. It’s a time of purification for our souls.

The silence is where you learn to do what is right even when we’re not feeling it. It’s all about learning to be lead by God’s truth and not your feelings. Ultimately, we need to believe that he is near by faith and keep pressing in; keep doing all the things you know are good for your relationship with him.

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